Wooden Digital Podium SIL-513A

Make: Saatvik
Model: SIL-513A
Type: Digital Podium

Product Description

Digital Wooden Podium SIL-513A

Wooden Digital Podium SIL-513A

Teak Plywood with natural polish finish wooden digital podium with lockable caster wheel, Space for CPU, Keyboard & mouse, laptop, amplifier with 120 watt amplifier, Two wall speaker, One Gooseneck Microphone, One wireless Handheld Microphone, One wireless collar microphone, Thin-client CPU-i3 processor, 2 GB RAm, 1 TB HDD, wifi, Bluetooth, Wired Keyboard & mouse, AV connectivity- VGA, HDMI, USB, Aux, XLR, RJ45 Power socket, VGA switcher, 21.5” Touch Screen Monitor

  • Size: 26” X 22” X 47”
  • Wt: 50 KgA
  • Optional Items: Visualizer, Projector, UPS, speaker, etc.
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