Wooden Podium SP-606

Laminated black & white podium design in Wood

Make: Saatvik
Model: SP-606

Product Description

Stylish Black and White Wooden Podium Stand

Model No.SP-606

Black and white laminated wooden podium stand with two Shelf and Optional items: Gooseneck Microphone, LED Light, Power socket & Switch, Logo etc.

modern podium image design in white color white podium design in wood

  • Size : 24″(D) x 18″(W) x 44″(H)
  • Wt : 18 Kg
  • Optional: Gooseneck Microphone, AV Connectivity, LED lights.

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Note: Due to continuous product development, the specification may change without prior notice. podium images are for illustrating purpose only and may differ from the actual product.

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